Saturday, November 3, 2007


oh, and i lost 20+ pounds between August and now doing low carbs. I swear by it. I'm switching to southbeach tomorrow because I think it's closer to something that i could do as a way of life.

Low carbing RULES!!! i haven't lifted a finger even though i need to start exercising now...

Renovations are almost done!

one more week and the workmen should be gone. THANK GOD! this contractor is a TRIP. I hate doing anything that is in a male dominated area. i don't even like going to the gas station. but, he chose to mess wif the wrong gal because we just butt heads. regardless, i'm going to get exactly what i am paying for. and that's the end of it.

everything is looking great. i'm am actually the general contractor myself. the contractor gave me a price for the whole job and i said "no thanks, just give me a price for x, y and z and i will hire the guys to do the rest of it". would you believe that i saved OVER 30 GRAND this way!! i mentioned this to him today (while we were butting heads) and he just looked at me. highway robbers, the lot of them.

i'm more than thrilled with the carpenter making the cabinets. the electrician is just following through with what i'm asking him to do and is great. my uncle is awesome and going above and beyond as well as being my plumber. the tile and most of the painting is done.

all i need now for my side of the house is the carpet for my daughter's room and her room painted. the contractor still has to put her door in, but that should be a small matter. i got home from work yesterday and he had put her door on swinging out into the hallway. he gave me a story about it being a fire hazard to swing in. ummmm... a child's bedroom door needs to be open MOST of the time and swinging out is NOT going to cut it. i guess "stupid" is carved into my forehead. THANK GOD i've withheld a chunk of money or i'm pretty damned sure he would be walking away without finishing the job. highway robber.

now i'm looking for a landscaper. this place should be looking pretty spiffy soon :-)

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Hey there! i'm still here. i've been sooooo busy with the house, the baby and work. i haven't scrapped in forever because everything has been pulled apart for MONTHS while we wait week by week for the planning permission to do renovations. we FINALLY got permission yesterday (yaaaayyyyy) but NOW we have to wait for a building permit! geesh...

so, here i am. nothing big to report. but life is great :-))

Friday, July 27, 2007

I'm still here...

I haven't been posting because i'm waiting for my great news to be finalized before i announce it. Well anyway, i'm buying a house. Well, i'm buying a house back. i sold it to my sister about 5 years ago because she had a child and i didn't think that i was going to have any kids and i thought that she would want the security. Anyhow, i now have a 2 year old and she lives in Canada, so i'm buying my house back! i only i didn't live in the house for about 6 months and have been living here since (paying rent) so it feels great to have my home back.

the details should be finalized in the next 2 weeks or so. Apparently we would have signed by now, but our lawyer went on vacation a week ago. Of course we are not important to be notified about her 2 week vacation. but, whatever... my mom and i are planning renovations and we're so excited about them so we haven't really been focused on the when and where of the final sale.

Soooooo, that's my great news :-))

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Day 1 of Wk 2

okay, so in honour of the beginning of week 2 I picked up my pedal bike from the store.

The ride home took me TWO HOURS (it should have taken one) but I stopped and visited my uncle at his welding shop and smelled the roses and sat off once to read a magazine :-)) Last time I checked, it's the amount to time that you spend in active mode that counts, and that didn't change just because i took my own sweet time! And trust me, my heart was sure getting a workout as I went 1/2 mile an hour across the causeway LOL

That was fun. Tomorrow i'm going to work on setting foot into the gym that I joined last week...

My boogey is still overseas and i'm ready for her to come back. The other pedal bike already has a child carrier, so she's my copilot, not an excuse to drive everywhere.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Day 7!

ok, so i'm on day 7 of my "diet". not really a diet, more of a no-longer-eating-anything-you-want phase of my life. i'm heading into the clean eating realm: whole grains, veggies, fruit for snacks. i'm doing this gradually, i just started with cutting out the junk food this past week and eating less carbs with my meals. but i eat carbs as a snack, like crackets and cheese. but when i eat carbs for lunch, it makes the rest of my day drag.

this morning feels like a turning point. i woke up feeling "lighter". i'm not going to get onto the scale to avoid disappointment, but i do feel a change. i've joined the gym also, so now i just have to go...

i bought a new pedal bike yesterday too! now i just have to pick it up from the store ;-)

Friday, June 29, 2007

"scrap for a cure LO Challenge" part 2

and, this is my very latest layout. i've definitely gone full circle and see a LOT of black cardstock in my future. this layout makes me very happy to stare at :-))